About Kitchen kitchen Layouts: U-Shape, L-Shape, Galley, One-Wall, Island and Peninsula

Sep 03, 2021

There are many shapes of kitchen cabinet: U-Shape, L-Shape, Galley, One-Wall, Island and Peninsula(G-Shape,). These shapes are to make people more convenient to use the kitchen. The size and shape of the kitchen room will usually determine the layout of your cabinets. Although there are variations and deviations in actual application, but most kitchen layouts are based on one of these shapes.

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A U-Shaped design kitchen features three walls and are lined with cabinets and appliances. This type of kitchen can release floor space effectively. It is the most useful and popular kitchen type with providing a lot of space for storage.

1. Clear partitions. The layout of the U-shaped kitchen is very clear, and the distribution of each work area is clear at a glance. Properly planning the area is very helpful for cooking, so as to avoid confusion and messiness.

2. The space is open. Generally, U-shaped kitchens have a relatively large area, and smaller kitchens are usually designed as L-shaped. The U-shaped kitchen can easily accommodate two people and the operation is not crowded. The U-shaped kitchen can definitely help the chef solve the problem when encountering a large scene.

3. High space utilization. The U-shaped kitchen is very space-saving from the structural point of view, even if the corner cabinets are inconvenient to use, they can be used through transformation. As long as the design is reasonable, every inch of space can definitely be used in place.

U-shape large kitchen


The kitchen layout has many shapes, and different shapes have different aesthetics. Let's take a look at the advantages of the L-shaped kitchen.

1. The L-shaped kitchen looks very neat and tidy as a whole, and the layout is also very reasonable. Usually the range hood and stove are placed on the longer side of the L-shaped, while the refrigerator and floor cabinets are placed on the other side, and the space layout is reasonable.

2. The L-shaped kitchen is a semi-open design, with a free space that connects with other spaces, making the kitchen function more obvious, and it is a flexible kitchen layout.

3. On the whole, the L-shaped kitchen is very clear regardless of the functional partition of each area, and the space utilization at the corners of the cabinets is relatively high, and the kitchen is also very convenient to operate.

L-shape green kitchen cabinet


1 Save space, the galley kitchen is conducive to saving space, the kitchen area can be integrated in a relatively small area.

2. Utilizing the terrain pattern, the galley kitchen is determined according to the room type, and the ventilation is also strong.

3. Convenient to separate dry and wet, and has a large operating table. In the galley style kitchen, the stove is on one side and the sink is on the other side, which is convenient for two people to work together in the kitchen, and there are operating stations on both sides, which is even more convenient.

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The one wall shape kitchen also call I shape kitchen, it is classy and old fashioned. The advantages are easy to use and save the space. Widely applicable to individuals or small families with smaller kitchens.

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With large kitchen spaces becoming the norm in urban households, island modular kitchen designs are all the hype. Spread out over the entire kitchen area; an island-shaped kitchen accommodates all functionalities in a sophisticated manner. It allows for a variety of comfort options to the host and guests alike. Kitchen layouts with island give more rooms for kids to play around, do their homework, and ample space makes the kitchen a multifunctional area. It also provides additional storage and is more brightly ventilated.

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The peninsula-style(G-shaped kitchen) kitchen layout has a reasonable space for operators to walk around, which is convenient for chefs to work, has a wide view, and is convenient for management; the peninsula-style kitchen layout should be equipped with a good smoke exhaust system to ensure air circulation and no sultry feeling, so that the chef has a comfortable working environment .

peninsula style kitchen

There are many shapes of kitchen cabinets, but the shape that suits your house is the best kitchen layout. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us.

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