Environmental protection kitchen cabinet selection criteria High-quality environmental protection kitchen cabinets are easy to choose

Jul 08, 2022
When decorating the kitchen, many owners pay more attention to whether the material is environmentally friendly in addition to the style when purchasing kitchen cabinets. Not only kitchen cabinets, but also home decoration owners are increasingly pursuing green and environmental protection.

Environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets can make the kitchen more comfortable to use. The following are the guidelines for purchasing environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets organized by me. Let's take a look together.

kitchen glass cabinet

E1 grade environmental protection box
E0 grade board does not contain green moisture-proof agent, it does not need to be glued, and its resistance and moisture-proof ability are relatively low. It will be very good when used as a base material for furniture, but when used in the kitchen, it will easily crack when exposed to moisture. Kitchen cabinets that reach the E1 environmental protection index can be called environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets.
Metal drawers are more durable
Plastic drawers are not environmentally friendly, and now the most popular are aluminum drawers, and the main body is not plasticized.

plastic kitchen cabinet
Four sides of the side panel
The edge sealing process of kitchen cabinets is very important. It is necessary to use imported edge sealing machines and cooperate with imported hot melt adhesives, so as to achieve the effect of sealing the panels. Prompt you, the correct way to seal the edge of the side panel is to seal the edges of the side panel on all four sides, and the thickness of more than 1 mm is better.
Hole plug
There are usually drill holes on the inner box board of the kitchen cabinet. If there is no cover, even if the board meets the E1 standard, the formaldehyde in the box board will slowly leak out. With the hole plugs, the box board will be unsightly. The small holes are gone, and the formaldehyde emission from the box is minimized.

morden kitchen cabinets

Particleboard on both sides of the back panel
Most manufacturers use single-sided MDF or Polaroid as the back panel material of the kitchen cabinet, which is veneer on one side and exposed on the other side. The exposed surface cannot prevent the release of formaldehyde. The backboard should be made of double-sided laminated particleboard, such as Lushuihe particleboard, which can reach the E1 standard.
Disposable device for anti-collision strip edge banding
The one-time installation of the anti-collision strip and the edge strip in the production process can not only reduce the collision problem of the door panel, eliminate noise, but also enhance the sealing of the kitchen cabinet board and avoid the board from being deformed by moisture. And because there is no slot, the appearance of the edge band is neat and beautiful.

steel kitchen cabinet
BLUM hinge and BLUM hinge damper
Noise reduction is also an environmental aspect. The installation of BLUM hinge and BLUM hinge damper on the cabinet can effectively avoid the noise when the door panel collides with the cabinet, and reduce the rebound speed of the door panel.
Metal Flexible Architecture
In order to deal with the problem of countertop cracking, it is advisable to choose a metal flexible structure suitable for artificial stone countertops, and replace the wooden structure with metal supports under the countertop to extend the use time of the countertop. The connection method of the track under the table and the lock card is consistent, which can avoid deformation and cracking problems.

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I hope that the content of the environmental protection kitchen cabinet selection criteria can help everyone.

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