How about the kitchen cabinets made of tiles? What should we pay attention to when making kitchen cabinets with tiles?

Jul 19, 2022

We all know that there are many materials for kitchen cabinets, and tile kitchen cabinets are one of them. Many people will have great doubts about how to make ceramic tiles in kitchen cabinets. Only after understanding them can they dare to buy them. It is also necessary to know what to pay attention to when making ceramic tile kitchen cabinets. After understanding the relevant precautions, it will be much simpler to make them.

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How about the kitchen cabinets made of tiles?
1. [Sturdy] A good cabinet must be durable in terms of durability. The basic skeleton of the kitchen cabinet is made of bricks, and the countertop is also poured with cement, which can be made of marble or tiled. Compared with the general wooden frame and the overall kitchen cabinet with artificial stone countertops, the durability has become the biggest selling point of tile kitchen cabinets.
2. [Environmental protection] The boards of the whole kitchen cabinet are made of particleboard and MDF as the base material. Even if the board is environmentally friendly, it is inevitable to use glue. Therefore, even if the kitchen cabinet board meets the environmental protection standard, there will still be formaldehyde residue. In the actual decoration process, 95% of the owners have neglected that the kitchen has strict environmental protection requirements in the home environment. The materials used in brick kitchen cabinets are natural and environmentally friendly, and there is no problem of harmful substances affecting physical and mental health. You can use it with confidence.
3. [Excellent performance] In addition to the above two points, brick kitchen cabinets also meet the three major requirements of waterproof, fireproof, and insect-proof, and also have excellent characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid resistance, easy cleaning, oil resistance, and scratch resistance. These are irreplaceable by any other kind of kitchen cabinet.
4. [High cost performance] According to the current market price, a set of mid-range overall kitchen cabinets for an average family's kitchen can range from nearly 10,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. And as long as 4000-6000 yuan can get a set of brick kitchen cabinets, as long as the production level is excellent, you can also have a beautiful kitchen cooking space!
5. [Personalized countertop selection] The countertops of ceramic tile kitchen cabinets are cast with cement, so they can be made of artificial stone, granite or marble, or large ceramic tiles and antique bricks, which are suitable for pastoral style kitchen cabinets. Some owners even To reflect the rough personality, it is directly polished with cement. Personalized countertops, which are all wooden kitchen cabinets can't do.

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What should we pay attention to when making kitchen cabinets with tiles?
A. The main materials needed to make kitchen cabinets with ceramic tiles are ceramic tiles and red bricks. If you want to use cement to clean the countertops, you can add thin steel bars to it.
b. Two tiles stand back to back, generally with tile glue. A little finer steel can be added in the middle. Generally cheap 800 polished tiles. The height is just right. Kitchen cabinet doors can be customized from another kitchen cabinet store.
c. Tile punching preparation. You need to buy a hole opener, which is available in general building materials stores for a few dollars. Do not punch holes with ordinary impact drills.
D. Before the decoration workers enter the site, first measure the scale, and issue an axonometric drawing according to the specific situation of the kitchen and the requirements of the customer. What you need here is to arrange the refrigerators, microwave ovens, sinks, range hoods, kitchen treasures and other electrical appliances that you are going to place. Make preparations for the size of the product, and it is impossible to know the size of the mid-term supplement.

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After reading the above introduction, people should already know how to make ceramic tiles for kitchen cabinets. It is found that this kind of material is quite good. As long as people do good maintenance in their daily life, they can get very good results. In addition, what should I pay attention to when making kitchen cabinets with tiles? Understand, well, these precautions, the effect can be reassuring.

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