How about tiles for kitchen cabinets? How to make kitchen cabinets with tiles?

Jun 15, 2022

Now the decoration style is more and more, and the decoration style is more and more open, there are many different decoration styles are also very good. For example, many families now choose to use tiles as kitchen cabinets in the kitchen, so what about tile kitchen cabinets? Let's introduce how to make kitchen cabinets with tiles? How to make kitchen cabinets with tiles ?

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How to make tiles as kitchen cabinets
1. In the face of many kitchen cabinet brands, are you hesitant because of the high price, or have scruples due to the potential pollution threat of integrated kitchen cabinets, then have you considered another more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative The Way - Tile Kitchen Cabinets. The so-called ceramic tile kitchen cabinets are made of ceramic tiles, red bricks, sand, cement and other materials instead of traditional plates to build the cabinets, and are based on reinforced concrete cast-in-place countertops, together with finished countertops, cabinet doors, hanging cabinets, hardware, kitchen appliances, etc., to form a complete set cupboard. She absorbs traditional tile kitchen cabinets, combines the development and innovation of materials, and develops and evolves with the advanced design concepts of modern home improvement.
2. Features of tile kitchen cabinets
About tile kitchen cabinets are economical and durable, while maintaining their beauty and sturdiness, and integrating kitchen cabinets saves 30% of the cost. Due to the large amount of non-polluting raw materials used in tile kitchen cabinets, there is basically no threat of harmful emissions of formaldehyde in subsequent years after installation. Tile kitchen cabinets are highly personalized, while integrated kitchen cabinets adopt a unified design, which is difficult to design on demand. Due to its own characteristics, ceramic tile kitchen cabinets can be customized for you according to the requirements of decoration and ergonomics. For example, the cooking area is lower than the countertop of the kitchen cabinet. When cooking, the hands do not need to be raised very high, which is suitable for long-term work in the kitchen. Students will benefit greatly. How about tile kitchen cabinets? Have a look at the following bricks
3. Advantages of tile kitchen cabinets
The tile kitchen cabinet can be said to be a pure handmade kitchen cabinet product, so the product has strong environmental protection performance and no radiation. The price of ceramic tile kitchen cabinets is low, coupled with a lot of handwork, so the price of tile kitchen cabinets is very affordable. Tile kitchen cabinets have high flexibility and can be more user-friendly to achieve the effect the user wants. Tile kitchen cabinets are sturdy and durable because they are made of cement bricks and other materials.
4. Disadvantages of tile kitchen cabinets
The preparatory work for ceramic tile kitchen cabinets takes a long time, because it is relatively fixed, so the grasp of hydropower positioning must be very accurate. Tile kitchen cabinets also require high craftsmanship for the craftsman, because the tile kitchen cabinets are relatively hard and it is very difficult to modify. From the perspective of after-sales service, etc., tile kitchen cabinets are not as good as other kitchen cabinets, so don't find merchants easily.

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How to Use Tile for kitchen Cabinets
1. Ceramic tiles can not only be used to make kitchen cabinets, but as long as the skills are excellent, the kitchen cabinets made will be quite beautiful. In fact, even in the overall kitchen cabinet, it does not exclude tiles from appearing on the kitchen cabinet and countertops. Just using ceramic tiles as kitchen cabinets will have stricter and more stringent requirements in terms of design and craftsmanship.
2. Before the overall kitchen cabinet became popular, because of its certain waterproof performance, the kitchen cabinet made of ceramic tiles was popular in the home. It's just that most families use local methods, lack of professional and technical guidance, and even leave a bad impression on people. With the continuous improvement of living standards, the color and variety of ceramic tiles are becoming more and more abundant, and the tile veneer kitchen cabinets that strive for perfection have gradually become a pursuit of elegant life in the kitchen. Preparatory work should be done before making.
3. Among our many types of kitchen cabinets, the kitchen cabinets with tile veneer are very individual. First of all, the tiles that can be used as kitchen cabinet veneers are quite particular. For example, the tiles are thicker than ordinary specifications. Before production, sufficient preparation should be done, and some bricks for corners, inner corners, outer corners, and color jumping should be matched. , otherwise, there will be no effect. Secondly, it is very picky about the taste of the owner and the size of the kitchen space of the house. For example, the kitchen area is less than 2.7 meters and the kitchen area is less than 7 square meters. It is not suitable to install this kind of kitchen cabinet. And this kind of veneer kitchen cabinet cannot be like other kitchen cabinets. It only needs to be assembled and installed on site according to the owner's selection of kitchen cabinet components, but it needs to be sanded with mud and constructed on site. Therefore, the overall kitchen cabinet with tile veneer is more common in Western-style kitchens in villa houses.

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The above we have introduced to you how about ceramic tiles as kitchen cabinets? We should have some understanding of how to use tiles to make kitchen cabinets. Tile as a kitchen cabinet is also a relatively good way to decorate. Relatively speaking, there are many people who use this method, so if we want to use ceramic tiles as kitchen cabinets, we also need to know the relevant knowledge in this regard.

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