How much is a meter for a ceramic kitchen cabinet? How about ceramic kitchen cabinets?

May 10, 2022

How much is a meter for a kitchen cabinet? This is a question that everyone is more concerned about when buying kitchen cabinets. If you want to know how much the kitchen cabinets cost, we must first know the correct calculation method of the kitchen cabinets, and also depends on the material of the kitchen cabinets, different materials. , the price is also different, then, today we will introduce to you how much ceramic kitchen cabinets cost per meter and how ceramic kitchen cabinets are.

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First, how much is one meter of ceramic kitchen cabinets
Method 1: The linear meter pricing method. The unit price of linear meters × 3 meters, if 2,000 ¥ / linear meters, the price of 3 linear meters is 6,000 ¥.
Method 2: The kitchen cabinet pricing method. The price of three sets of base kitchen cabinets + the price of two sets of wall kitchen cabinets. For example, the price of a set of base kitchen cabinets is 1200 ¥, and the price of three sets is 3600 ¥. The price of one set of hanging kitchen cabinets is 800 ¥, and the price of two sets of hanging kitchen cabinets is 1600 ¥, so the total price is 5200 ¥.

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Second, how about ceramic kitchen cabinets
Ceramic kitchen cabinets have the advantages of high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, greasy resistance, easy cleaning, water resistance, strong impact resistance, long service life, affordable price, and high cost performance. It solves the problem that the marble countertop has radiation, which is harmful to the human body, the color penetrates into the interior of the countertop, and cannot leave permanent traces clearly; the gap is easy to breed bacteria, and it breaks when the temperature changes rapidly; it solves the problem that the stainless steel countertop is visually "hard", giving People feel "cold"; it solves the problem that refractory board countertops are easily eroded by water and moisture, and improper use will lead to degumming, deformation, and substrate expansion.
1. Environmental protection: The most important thing about this kind of kitchen cabinet is environmental protection. Because the board of the whole kitchen cabinet is made of particleboard and MDF as the base material, even if the board is environmentally friendly, it is inevitable to use glue. Therefore, even if the kitchen cabinet board meets the environmental protection standard, there will still be formaldehyde residue.
2. Good performance: It is not only sturdy and environmentally friendly, but also meets the three major requirements of waterproof, fireproof and insect-proof, and also has the functions of corrosion resistance, acid resistance, easy cleaning, oil resistance, and scratch resistance. This is something that no other kind of kitchen cabinet can replace.
3. Sturdy and durable: Durability is the first. Generally, the service life of wooden kitchen cabinets is 3-5 years, or even shorter. And ceramic kitchen cabinets are at least 10 years old, or even the same life as the house. The basic skeleton of the kitchen cabinet is made of ceramic tile and aluminum alloy, and the countertop is also cast with cement, so it is stronger and more durable than the general wooden frame of the overall kitchen cabinet.

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Ceramic kitchen cabinets are not unfamiliar to Chinese people, and they also have a deep love for ceramics, so many people choose ceramic kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets have also slowly entered thousands of households. Hope the above article can help you.

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