How to design the size of kitchen cabinets? Be careful when buying kitchen cabinets!

Aug 19, 2022
When customizing the overall kitchen cabinet, many owners do not know how to determine the specific size of the kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinets are an important part of the kitchen. If you want to make the kitchen more convenient and practical, you must customize the kitchen cabinets according to the specific conditions of the kitchen. Let's take a look at how the kitchen cabinet size should be designed!

The kitchen is an important area in the home, and the kitchen cabinet is an important part of the kitchen. It cleverly combines the functions of water, electricity, storage, gas and other functions in the kitchen, which greatly facilitates our daily life. The customization of the overall kitchen cabinet needs to be carried out according to the specific size of the kitchen. Many friends who do not understand decoration will have a lot of confusion when customizing the overall kitchen cabinet. Then, how should the size of the overall kitchen cabinet be designed? Let's have a look!

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First, the height design of the kitchen cabinet
When designing the overall kitchen cabinet, the height of the kitchen cabinet should be appropriate, neither too high nor too low. The height of the kitchen cabinet from the ground is generally about 70cm to 80cm. Such a height can reduce the degree of bending when people cook, and can effectively relieve waist fatigue. The height of the kitchen stove is generally about 70cm, and now the gas stoves in the kitchen are basically inlaid with the kitchen cabinets. Therefore, when purchasing gas stoves, choose the built-in gas stove style, and keep the stove surface and the kitchen cabinet plane level. It not only makes the kitchen look more beautiful, but also makes it easier to use.

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Second, the size design of the hanging kitchen cabinet
In order to increase the storage space in the kitchen, when designing kitchen cabinets, a set of hanging kitchen cabinets are generally designed to store the sundries in the kitchen. The distance between the hanging kitchen cabinet and the cooking table should be kept more than 55cm, so as to prevent people from bumping their heads when moving in the kitchen. The height of the kitchen hanging cabinet is generally about 50cm to 60cm. If it is too high, it cannot effectively use the space, and if it is too short, it cannot play a good storage role. In order to facilitate daily use, the width of the hanging kitchen cabinet is generally not more than 70cm, and the depth is generally about 30cm to 45cm.

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Third, the overall design of the kitchen cabinet
There are three common kitchen cabinet layouts, namely in-line design, L-shaped design and U-shaped design. Which style of cabinets to choose generally depends on the specific conditions of different kitchens. In addition, the data such as the height of the kitchen cabinet is not an absolutely certain set of values. Only by adjusting the data according to the height and arm length of the frequent users of the kitchen can the use of the kitchen be more user-friendly and more comfortable.

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Fourth, kitchen cabinet purchase considerations
When purchasing kitchen cabinets, be sure to pay attention to the prices of kitchen cabinet plates and countertop materials. The quality of these two has a great impact on the quality of the kitchen cabinets. Usually, the materials for the kitchen cabinet countertops are mostly stone, and the thickness of the stone is generally 10mm, There are several specifications such as 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, and stone countertops of different specifications have great differences in price. In addition, the quality of kitchen cabinet hardware is also important. These hardware accessories not only affect the service life of the kitchen cabinet, but also affect our daily comfort.

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