Is the kitchen cabinet paint good? What are the characteristics of kitchen cabinet paint

Apr 12, 2022

There are many different crafts and designs on the kitchen cabinets on the market today, and the selection of materials is also very particular. Baking paint is a very popular choice for kitchen cabinet panels in recent years. Is the cabinet painting good? There are still quite a few advantages, such as strong anti-fouling ability, and for example, its brighter color. Let's take a look at the characteristics of kitchen cabinet baking paint.

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Are the kitchen cabinets painted?

1. It is very good to choose lacquer kitchen cabinets. The commonly used materials for lacquer cabinets are acrylic, which has strong resistance to deformation, and some are fireproof boards. Generally speaking, the lacquer kitchen cabinets on the market are professional and unique designs, especially the kitchen decoration combined with the modern rich atmosphere, can create a kitchen space where people can relax and enjoy nature.

2. Through the observation of the lacquer kitchen cabinets, we can see that the flatness of the lacquer is very high, and there will be no serious unevenness under the light.

3. Painted kitchen cabinets are easier to clean, and there are many cleaning methods. Such as tea cleaning, milk cleaning, beer cleaning, white vinegar and white cleaning, toothpaste cleaning and so on. Painted cabinets are easily contaminated with dust. Using gauze dipped in these things to clean them will make the cabinets particularly bright and clean. But you must remember to wipe it with clean water, otherwise it will affect the original color of the cabinet.

4. The surface of the varnished board is polished, the surface finish is very high, and the mirror effect is also very good. The cabinets made of this kind of board are brighter in color, full of extravagance, and bring a light visual impact. Generally, paint kitchen cabinets do not need edge sealing, which saves

unnecessary consumption. After the surface coating of the baking varnish plate is cured, the stability, durability, weather resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance and hardness of the coating become higher, and the cabinets made of it are strong and durable. Easy to clean, no oil leakage, no fading.

5. The surface of the paint kitchen cabinet is relatively fragile, just like the surface of the car, it is afraid of bumps and scratches from hard objects. Therefore, attention should be paid to maintenance when using it to avoid collision; and long-term oil fume will cause a certain color difference in the paint kitchen cabinet, so the paint kitchen cabinet is generally not suitable for the kitchen, and the paint kitchen cabinet and other paint craft products should also be avoided.

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What are the characteristics of kitchen cabinet paint
1. The use of varnished boards to make cabinets must also have its uniqueness. The surface of the varnished board is polished, so the surface finish is very high, and the mirror effect is also very good. The cabinets produced by this board are bright in color and full of extravagance. Bring a strong visual impact.
2. Painted kitchen cabinets are afraid of touch and scratches, and it is difficult to repair after damage; the color of the cabinet will gradually fade or turn yellow after being irradiated by the light source, and color difference is prone to occur in kitchens with a lot of oil smoke.
3. Painted cabinets, the craftsmanship is to make primer and topcoat on MDF, each surface is covered with paint, no gaps, and it is not afraid of soaking in water. It can be used in bathrooms as bathroom cabinets. It can also be placed in the kitchen as a cupboard.
4. Although the lacquer board is not fireproof, it is baked at high temperature in the lacquer room, and it also has a certain high temperature resistance. An experiment has been done, which is to pass the steamer that has just been brought down from the fire to the lacquer board, and then It came down without any damage to the paint finish.
Is the cabinet painted well? What are the characteristics of kitchen cabinet paint? Generally speaking, painted cabinets are still good, and all performances are good, but it also has a fragile side, so we also need to pay attention when using it.

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