The cabinet does a good job of measurement, it is important for details

Apr 27, 2022

As an important part of the kitchen, kitchen cabinets are an indispensable part of home improvement. Kitchen cabinet measurement is a university question. If the measurement is inaccurate, various problems may occur, such as the installation of the kitchen cabinet or too small to cause the space layout If there is a problem, the kitchen cabinet measurement must be taken seriously. This article will give you a detailed introduction to this knowledge.

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Introduction to the details that need to be paid attention to in the kitchen cabinet measurement:
1. When the length of the kitchen cabinet is measured, it is good to measure twice, once from left to right, once from right to left to avoid the deviation of the first time the wrong size.
2. When measuring the height of the ceiling, measure the point from several different locations, and at the same time to see if there is a beam under the gusset.
3. When measuring the kitchen cabinet, pay attention to the height of the waistline and socket, and pay attention to the height of the window.
4. When measuring the kitchen cabinet, the distance and height of the gas meter and the pipeline from the wall, the height of the flue, the height of the inlet and out of water, the drainage supervisor, the distance from the wall, the height of the socket, and so on.

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5. During the measurement, depends on whether there are steps on the ground, whether there are bump beams on the wall, and when the cabinet is used to make a hanging cabinet by the window, the corresponding size should be considered.
6. When re -testing, it should be ensured that the floor tiles are paved, the wall tiles have been pasted, and the top should be lifted when the hanging cabinet or the high cabinet to the top.
7. When measuring the alien or polygon, it is better to choose a fixed point and diagonal line. When the walls (ground and hanging cabinet) are used to make a cabinet (ground, hanging cabinet) on both sides, the distance and outer distance.
8. When there is a bad brick, measure the distance and height of the wall (including the bottom and the height at the bottom and the top to the ground).Normal refrigerator position is better to stay 700mm long, and special additional length.

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9. Where there is a door cover, the thickness (including lines) of the door cover should be measured, or the ground with a sliding door or a hanging cabinet should be allowed to open the door and leave a gap of 10-20mm.
10. When measuring the corresponding size of the kitchen, pay attention to ask if the wall is a stone plastic wall to avoid the hanging cabinet cannot be installed.
Introduction to the kitchen cabinet measurement process:
1. First measure the distance from the left side of the window to the left wall;

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2. The distance from the right side of the window to the right wall or pillar is measured second;
3. Measure the height of the window again;
4. The height of the window sill from the ground.
Precautions for kitchen cabinet production:
1. When selecting the materials, pay attention to the selected plates, focusing on environmental protection, bearing gravity, not easy to deform, nailing force, easy scrubbing and other issues.
2. Pay attention to the construction of details such as veneer and edge to ensure accurate accuracy.

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3. Pay attention to the installation of the hardware accessories when installing the kitchen cabinet.
4. When making kitchen cabinets, you should try to simplify the lines as much as possible and pay attention to the shape.

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