The functions and materials of the skirting board of the kitchen cabinet

Aug 24, 2021

If we pay attention to the kitchen cabinets in our own home or in a friend's house, we will find that almost all the kitchen cabinets have the toe kick.

Why do kitchen cabinets have toe kick? What is the purpose of the toe kick? Is the kitchen cabinets really inseparable from it?

white shaker kitchen

1) Now, please allow me to talk about the four functions of the cabinet skirting board.

1. Decorative Function

We know that kitchen cabinets are equipped with adjusting feet to facilitate adjustments on uneven ground. Currently, most of the adjusting feet are made of PVC, but also ABS and plastic materials. Leaving these feet directly exposed to the outside will affect the overall appearance of the kitchen. So the skirting board can plays a decorative function.

2. Balance the Visual Function

The base cabinets and door panels of the cabinets are mostly wooden, and the color is different from the color of the floor tiles. The appearance of their joints is too abrupt and the color may not be coordinated. At this time, the feet will be retracted by 5 to 6 cm from the door panels. The floor tiles are separated to achieve a balanced visual effect.

3. Water Blocking Function

When the water pipe in the kitchen is broken and the water flows everywhere, the skirting board can prevent the water from flowing under the cabinet.

4. Easy to Clean

Prevent other things from entering the cabinet, and easy to clean.

2) The function of the skirting board is mentioned as above, and then we will talk about the types of skirting boards.

At present, there are many materials for skirting boards, including wood, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, PVC, etc. The most commonly used are aluminium and PVC skirting boards. The height ranges from 90 to 150 mm, and the most common is a 100 mm skirting board.

1. Aluminum Baseboard

This type of skirting board is the most common, not afraid of water, not afraid of corrosive liquids. Mid-range cabinet will use this type of skirting board, which is a perfect match with the water retaining strip. It can effectively prevent water and foreign objects from entering under the cabinet.

aluminum kitchen cabinet

2. PVC Material Skirting Board

This type of skirting board is cheaper than aluminium alloy skirting board, suitable for popularization, and cost-effective. Suitable for ordinary cabinets. Its appearance is similar to aluminum baseboards.

pvc kitchen cabinets

3. Wooden Skirting Board

There are also many kinds of wooden skirting boards, including solid wood skirting boards, particle board skirting boards, MDF skirting boards, etc. The price is more expensive than PVC and aluminium alloy skirting boards. Among them, the skirting board made of solid wood and MDF can be made of various side shapes to increase the aesthetic effect. However, they are afraid of water and are prone to swelling when exposed to moisture, so a water retaining strip must be added to block the water.

wooden cupboard for kitchen

4. Stainless Steel Baseboard

At present, the application of stainless steel skirting board is not popular. Its usage is to make stainless steel into a C shape, and then insert the wooden board so that it can effectively block the water, and it can also increase the grade of the cabinet with the stainless steel countertop. But the price is also higher.

stainless steel kitchen

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