The height of the kitchen cabinet counter? Pay attention to the design of kitchen cabinets?

Apr 25, 2022

In the decoration of the kitchen, people must have to install kitchen cabinets, because this can be more convenient for cooking, and they can also put something in it. If you want to know, you can do a good design. In addition, the main points of attention to the design of the kitchen cabinet must also be understood, and the design effect will be better.

kitchen cabinet solid wood door

The height of the kitchen cabinet counter?

1. Aspects, can be reasonably configured according to the kitchen space, and different sizes of different sizes can make users feel comfortable. The working surface height in the kitchen is preferably 85cm; the depth of work is suitable for 60cm; the cabinet should be 37cm.
2. the early kitchen chain cabinet is mostly the height of the kitchen ceiling, which often causes the user's inconvenience, and now the kitchen is designed, regardless of the kitchen, it is completely cooked by the user's height. Modern kitchen cabinet. For the chassis cabinet above the console, it is advisable to make the owner to operate, it should not be less than 145 cm from the ground, the depth size is 25 to 35 cm, and the distance between the cabinet and the console should be 55 cm.  The distance between the pumping hood and the stove should be grasped in 60 to 80 cm.

kitchen sink cabinet with doors

Pay attention to the design of kitchen cabinets?
1. The size of the kithen cabinet should not be generally large with the current electrical appliances, and a certain space should be reserved, so that even if the electrical appliances of different sizes are replaced in the future, it will be put down. Some embedded electrical appliances are often installed in the kitchen cabinet, such as: disinfection cabinet, oven, dishwasher, etc. The kitchen cabinet should be left behind. The switch is fine.
2. The design of the kitchen cabinet must be humane. Therefore, not only should kitchen cabinet design not only pay attention to countertops, kitchen cabinet boards, etc., but also fully consider other details. For example Essence For example, the kitchen cabinets in the kitchen should have more styles. You can design different pull baskets under the stove, under the hood, and even the refrigerator to make the kitchen design more appropriate.
3. It is also necessary to consider the opening direction of the cabinet door and the installation of handle. Do not interfere with the walls or other cabinets. As a result, some cabinets cannot be opened. Some will bump each other and cause damage for a long time. It is recommended to do less on the upper door of the kitchen cabinet. For ordinary families, the upper and lower two are enough. Because if it is too high, it is difficult to open the door above.
4. There are many utensils that need to be placed in the kitchen cabinets. Many of them are small cooking utensils. These utensils must be placed in an orderly and stable, and it is convenient to use it to facilitate the kitchen work. For scattered items in the kitchen, you can use a variety of hardware pendants to hang on various facades of the cabinet. It is convenient and beautiful, but also uses kitchen cabinet space well.

aluminum frame for kitchen cabinets

The height of the kitchen cabinet counter is not fixed at all. It is necessary to make a decision based on the height of the family, as well as the area of the kitchen, etc. In this way, the effect can be better matched. In addition, for the design of the kitchen cabinet, pay attention to the main points. There are also very many. Only by understanding these points, it will help when designing, and it looks better.

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