What material is better for the kitchen cabinet door?

Sep 09, 2021

The kitchen is an important part of the family, and the kitchen cabinet body is a very important part of the kitchen cabinet. Today we will talk about how to choose the material of the cabinet and the craftsmanship involved in the surface of the door panel. The wood kitchen cabinet includes the cabinet carcase and the cabinet door.

Cabinet Door

The cabinet door materials can be roughly divided into four types: solid wood, wood particle board, medium density fiberboard(MDF), and stainless steel.

grey and white kitchen

1. Solid wood cabinet door

The appearance of solid wood is definitely the best, there is no doubt about it, but it is also very expensive.

Advantages: high-end and beautiful, suitable for the placement of Chinese, American and other furniture styles. In the high-end and atmospheric appearance, the delicate texture will make the advantages of solid wood show vividly. Hard and durable. Compared with some composite wood or metal wood, solid wood cabinets are more adaptable to heat and cold changes, and will not feel cold and uncomfortable in the hand and touch in winter.

Disadvantages: As the air humidity changes, the solid wood cabinet doors will appear to be cracked or deformed to varying degrees.

solid wood shaker kitchen cabinet

2. Particle board

The particle board is made by bonding wood scraps through an adhesive. Compared with complete solid wood, it is less susceptible to deformation.

In addition, the particle board has a more stable structure, low cost, and convenient processing. It is a favorite of major furniture brands and custom furniture brands.

3. Medium density fiberboard

The main components of MDF are wood fiber, resin glue, etc. It is an environmentally friendly building material produced through a series of processes such as hot grinding, drying, sizing, paving, and hot pressing.

4.Stainless steel cabinet door

In the stainless steel kitchen cabinet, the cabinet carcase and the cabinet door are also using stainless steel.

Among the three kinds of wood boards mentioned above, particle board and medium density fiberboard can be produced through different processing: double veneer, blister board, baking varnish board and acrylic board.

1. Double decorative panel

It is formed after special treatment on the basis of the particle board. As the name suggests, the double veneer is decorated with decorative paper on both sides of the cabinet door.

The process is simple, the cost is low, the pattern and color of the layer are various, the surface is more wear-resistant, easy to clean, and not easy to deform. But it can't do modeling, it is suitable for people who like the simple appearance of the cabinet.

2. Acrylic board

It is based on the particle board covered with a layer of high-grade plastic texture.

It has a certain mirror effect and a higher environmental protection level. However, the hardness is poor, and the friction of rough objects on the table surface can easily destroy the brightness of the table surface and is easy to scratch.

acrylic high gross kitchen cabinet

3. Blister board

The blister board is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, heat-resistant, does not crack or deform, and is simple in daily maintenance. There are many patterns to choose from, and the surface can be made into various three-dimensional shapes.

4. Painted board

The process of baking paint board is complicated, and the surface needs to be polished, primed, dried, and polished for at least 6-9 times.

Bright colors, diverse choices, custom colors are also available, easy to clean. But the most fatal shortcoming is that it is afraid of bumps and is not resistant to scratches. Once damaged, it is difficult to repair.

painting kitchen cabinets

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